Zachari Logan

Born 1980, Saskatoon, Canada

Zachari Logan is a Canadian artist working mainly in drawing and installation practices. Through large-scale drawing and installation practices, he evolves a visual language that explores the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place. In previous work related to his current practice, Logan investigated his own body as exclusive site of exploration. In recent work, Logan’s body remains a catalyst, but no longer the sole focus. Employing a strategy of visual quotation, mined from place and experience, Logan re-wilds his body as a queer embodiment of nature. This narrative shift engages both empirical explorations of landscape and overlapping art-historic motifs.

His work has been exhibited widely, in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe, including: Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cincinnati, Calgary, Edmonton, Grenoble, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Regina, Paris, Seattle, Toronto Winnipeg and Vienna and can be found in public and private collections worldwide. Logan has attended residencies in Paris in conjunction with Galerie Jean Roch Dard, in rural Tennessee at Sassafras ARC/Liberty, in Calgary through ACAD’s Visiting Artist Program, in Vienna several times through both the Museum Quartier’s quartier21: Artist in Residence Program and project space Schliefmuhlgasse 12-14, and in London at Angus-Hughes Gallery. In the spring of 2015 Logan was awarded a residency in Brooklyn through Creative Saskatchewan and the Mackenzie Art Gallery at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, and returned to NYC during the winter of 2016 to be artist in residence at Wave Hill Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

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